our story

musa was born out of the desire to build a platform to allow women to connect - whether in their professional careers, personal endeavors or just for fun. but more than connecting, we wanted to build a community that could help change the game for all women. we created musa to bridge the gap amongst women desiring their purpose and women living in their purpose and to create a safe and fun space for connection, dialogue and doing good. 

who we are

we are an on and offline community of women that want to make a difference. we are creative, intelligent and collaborative. we are mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends. we are multi-taskers. we are female and female identifiers. we are women.

our mission

our mission is to connect, share and empower. there are so many amazing women out there doing incredible things, and if all of these women alone are shaping the world, imagine what we could do together?